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THERE IS NO HERO IN HEROIN, only those who overcome!


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 TINHIH is committed to raising funds through private donations to assist addicts in their recovery after their release from the detox center. 

  There is No Hero in Heroin, Las Vegas INC is associated with TINHIH Foundations from Tuscon, AZ. We are a non profit 501c3 charity organization. All donations are tax deductible, your contributions will make the difference in saving lives and assisting families that have nowhere else to go. 

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TINHIH, Las Vegas is involved in many events around the Las Vegas Valley, and are always in need of volunteers. Click on the link to find out about upcoming events.

To inform the public of the growing epidemic of opiate addiction in our town and across the US, and to provide resources and solutions to families and addicts alike.

We at TINHIH Las Vegas strive to be a support system by referring, educating, and assisting the general public on all aspects of opiate addiction.

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