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There Is No Hero In Heroin Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation substance use disorder causes to families. We envision a world where fewer lives are lost and help exists for the millions of Americans affected by substance use disorder. We at TINHIH Las Vegas strive to be a support system by referring, educating, and assisting the general public on all aspects of substance use disorder. We have relationships with organizations in Las Vegas to help get you the help you need, either for the addict or family members.

Our mission is to inform the public of the growing epidemic of opiate/heroin substance use disorder in our town and across the US, and to provide resources and solutions to families and heroin addicts alike. To hold our elected officials accountable for the decisions they make and to ask the health district to treat substance use disorder like the chronic progressive illness that it is.

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Our Mission

The mission of the There is No Hero in Heroin Foundation is to promote awareness, educate the public and encourage those struggling with substance use disorder and those who love them. We are dedicated to raising the curtain on the epidemic of substance use/co-occurring mental health disorders in our schools, the scarcity of rehabilitation programs, and the need for quality federally and state funded recovery community organizations (RCOs). There is no hero in heroin, only those who overcome.

Our Goals

Recovery Community Organization (RCO)

A recovery community organization (RCO) is an independent, non-profit organization led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery. RCOs organize recovery-focused policy advocacy activities, carry out recovery-focused community education and outreach programs, and/or provide peer-based recovery support services.

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There is No Hero in Heroin (TINHIH) Founder: Jan Nargi

Janice Nargi, a single mother of two, was a registered nurse in Tucson, AZ who worked in enough ER’s to know the signs of substance use disorder but failed to recognize them in her own son. Through her popular blog and published book, There is No Hero in Heroin, she exposed the reality of teenage substance use disorder, allowing other families to benefit and learn from her experience. Las Vegas resident Joe Engle would come to know all too well the nightmare that Jan wrote about.

On July 21, 2011, Joe’s life was forever changed. His oldest son Reese, 19 years old at the time had moved back home three days earlier. At the time, he was seven months clean from daily heroin use. Joe and his three other sons were hopeful, and Reese had started to resemble the person he was before he slipped into substance use disorder. The plan for Reese and his girlfriend was to get an apartment, get involved in a 12-step abstinence-based program, and to live a happy, healthy, productive life. That morning Joe went to work; Reese’s girlfriend went to pick up her belongings; and Reese “picked up” one last time. The unbearable loss and profound pain that Joe experienced tormented him. Upon the first “Angel Anniversary” of Reese’s passing, a group of of bereaved parents with similar stories decided that they needed to help other families impacted by the opioid epidemic. Joe then reached out to Jan.

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    TINHIH Las Vegas is involved in many events around the Las Vegas Valley, and are always in need of volunteers. Follow us on Facebook to find out about upcoming events in Las Vegas. Our first few events have gained momentum and we hope to include more supporters. We want heroin to be a subject that can be talked about without the negative stigma that has been associated with it for far too long. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get involved in the cause.